Only original and unpublished paper will be considered. The accepted papers will be collected into the conference proceedings in CD-ROM. 

All accepted articles in conference would be published in one of the following journals.

IJECS - International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies
IJCSE - International Journal of Cyber Society and Education

IJBI - International Journal of Business and Information

Base on manuscript's quality and topic, the NETs2011 organizing committee would assign the appropriate journal to publish the accepted manuscripts. Authors of accepted papers have the option of publishing or not publishing their papers in the journal assigned by NETs2011. If authors choose not to publish their articles in journal, their papers would appear in proceedings(CD-ROM) only.

Page charges will be waived for first fifteen (15) pages of all accepted full papers or six (6) pages of research notes. Nevertheless, authors need to pay the extra page charge if their manuscript is longer than the assigned page quota. The page charge waive is a privilege for registered conference participants only. If authors do not pay the conference registration fee, their papers will not appear in the journals and CD proceedings. 

1. All individuals, including program presenters, attending the conference must pay a registration fee. 
2. No matter the paper is single authored or multi-authored, if you would like to have the paper published in the proceedings as well as in the journal, you need to pay registration fee US$450 for each paper before June 30, 2011 or US$500 after June 30, 2011.
3. If authors have two papers, they need to pay two registration fees (US$450*2=US$900 before June 30, 2011).
4. Non-author registration fee is US$200. In case more than one author would like to participate in the conference, each participant needs to make registration and pays the non-author registration fee separately. (US$200 per person)

Every registered participant will get one set of conference package, which covers admission to all conference sessions, two lunches, coffee breaks, a copy of conference proceedings in CD-ROM format, and complementary copies of IJECS, IJCSE and IJBI.